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Academic Coordinator

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Position Details

Classification Information

Classification Title Academic Coordinator
Classification Code 348
Job Category Clerical
Min Salary
Mid Salary
Max Salary
Required Qualifications
Essential Duties

Position Information

Position Title Academic Coordinator
Position Number 0160
Department Arts and Sciences
FLSA Non-Exempt
Job Type Full-time
Job Description Summary

Directly responsible to the Dean and Department Chairs for the administrative duties related to the operation of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Fiscal Responsibility: Describe the type and scope of fiscal responsibility.
Minimum Education Required High school diploma or GED
Preferred Education Bachelor's degree
Minimum Work Experience Required 1 - 3 years
Preferred Work Experience 3 - 5 years
Minimum Knowledge Required Working knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures and ability to use in varied situations.
Preferred Knowledge Working knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures and ability to use in varied situations.
Advertised Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or GED.

Salary Range
Advertised Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree

Supervisory Details

Does this job receive work primarily from the supervisor/manager? Yes
Does this job regularly receive work assignments directly from others, in addition to the supervisor / manager? Yes
List those titles here

Department Chairs

Supervisory Responsibilities: Indicate the type and scope of supervisory responsibilities of this job. Not responsible for supervising others.


Internal Persuade, gain cooperation and acceptance of ideas or collaborate on significant projects., Exchange of routine, factual information and/or answering routine questions., Access to and/or works with sensitive and/or confidential information., Identify needs/concerns of others, determine potential solutions, resolve or redirect appropriately., Handle sensitive issues and facilitate collaboration at the highest level., Develop and maintain relationships with key contacts to enhance work flow and work quality.
External Identify needs/concerns of others, determine potential solutions, resolve or redirect appropriately., Exchange of routine, factual information and/or answering routine questions.

Decision Making/Problem Solving

Indicate the type of impact of the decisions typically made by this job. Decisions may affect a work unit or area within a department. May contribute to business and operational decisions that affect the department.
Indicate the nature of problems regularly encountered by this job. Problems are varied, requiring analysis or interpretation of the situation. Problems are solved using knowledge and skills, and general precedents and practices.

Essential Functions

These are the essential functions required of the position. The percentage of time should add up to 100.<br />*** Note that you are required to enter at least 4 entries.<br />

Essential Function

Provide administrative support as needed for the Dean, Department Chairs, faculty, and staff within the College of Arts of Sciences as well as to all the students whom the college serves. Maintain familiarity with and answer questions relating to office operations and departmental/institutional policies and procedures to support interactions with students, faculty, staff and others regarding Arts and Sciences matters. Major responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: ? Coordinate with the Registrar’s Office regarding final exams, classroom issues, final & mid-term grade input and Course Substitution, Course Withdrawal, “WA” and Change of Grade forms ? Collect course manuals, syllabi, and book orders each semester ? Assist Department Chairs with events related to academic majors, such as Open House, Academic Sessions and Accepted Student Days ? Coordinate with Purchasing to document expenses as well as to process reimbursements and requisitions. ? File work orders ? Place classroom and event requests ? Supervise student employees ? Manage inventory/supplies ? Distribute mail ? Organize material for accreditations

Percentage Of Time 65
Essential Function

Coordinate with the Department Chairs, Human Resources and Division of Technology Services to facilitate the hiring and orientation of adjunct faculty. Central duties include providing information and instructions, generating contracts, and distributing instructional supplies such as keys and laptops.

Percentage Of Time 10
Essential Function

Assist in the development and production of departmental informational material. Serve as Web Content Manager for the College of Arts and Sciences to ensure that current and necessary information is available and clearly communicated. Organize and update the website on an ongoing basis.

Percentage Of Time 10
Essential Function

Work collaboratively with Applied Mathematics and Sciences Academic Coordinator to project a consistent message and appearance for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Percentage Of Time 5
Essential Function

Complete special projects for the College of Arts and Sciences. An example would be managing the administration of the English Placement Exam to entire first year class.

Percentage Of Time 5
Essential Function

Apply concepts learned in classes and workshops to improve the efficiency of operations within the office as well as the quality of projects.

Percentage Of Time 5


In this section, please click on the <strong>Add Skills Entry</strong> button to include skills such as analytical, project management, and computer/technical. <br/><br/> Include a brief description of each and check the level required (basic, intermediate, advanced.) <br/><br/> You are required to add at least four skills


Skill Type Clerical/Secretarial
Level Required Intermediate

Must be able to maintain all administrative procedures including scheduling, meeting coordination, and filing.

Skill Type Project/Process Management
Level Required Intermediate

Extensive event planning skills are required.

Skill Type Computer/Technical
Level Required Intermediate

Must be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, especially Outlook, Word, and Powerpoint.

Skill Type Written and Oral Communications
Level Required Advanced

Excellent communication skills are required.

Physical/Environmental Demands

Physical Activity

Please check the level of frequency that best describes the physical demands that are required for you to perform your job duties. Do not consider those parts of your job that, if you had a disability, a reasonable accommodation could be made. For example: If you were in a wheelchair, but had to occasionally move a box of paper, it would be a reasonable accommodation to have someone else move it for you. In that case, you would not consider moving the box as a required part of your job. Only select those which are applicable to the position.

Sitting Often
Repetitive hand motion (such as typing) Often
Vision Continuously
Smell Often
Hearing, listening Nearly Continuously
Talking Often
Standing Seldom
Walking Seldom
Bending Seldom
Stooping Seldom
Climbing Stairs Seldom
Climbing Ladders Not Required
Kneeling, squatting Seldom
Crouching Seldom
Crawling Not Required
Balancing Not Required
Reaching Overhead Seldom
Pulling, pushing Not Required
Shoveling Not Required
Carrying Not Required
Lifting - up to 10 pounds Seldom
Lifting - up to 20 pounds Seldom
Lifting - up to 30 pounds Not Required
Lifting - up to 50 pounds Not Required
Lifting - over 50 pounds Not Required
Running Not Required
Bicycling Not Required

Work Environment

This question describes your work environment. Subject to change Office Environment: Employees are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but not necessarily occasional temperature changes.